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Below are the current class descriptions for the exciting dance classes we have available for your students. We have something for all ages, from the budding dancer to the pre-professional ballerina to the hip hopper, we are here to help your student achieve their dance goals and dreams! 

Budding Stars (2-3 Year Olds)

This class introduces young children to dance and music.  Children explore activities in rhythm, motor skills, games, songs and creativity with as little or as much parental participation as needed.  It is intended for children to do this class on their own, but parents are welcome to accompany children in class until the child is comfortable.

Shooting Star Ballet/Tap/Jazz (3 year olds)

These classes are designed to enhance gross motor development, listening skills, musicality, and nurture the creative spirit through each style of dance.

Rising Star Ballet/Tap/Jazz Levels 1 & 2 (4-5 year olds)

These classes introduce the basics in each genre offered. The ballet and tap classes introduce fundamental techniques and jazz introduces basic musicality, leaps and energetic movement. 

Students must be evaluated for placement in Level 2 classes.

Tiny Tot Hip Hop (3-5 Year Olds)

 A dance class not to be missed for your Baby Bopper boy or girl!  This class is a fusion of creative movement and basic hip hop to get out all the wiggles.

Super Star Ballet/Tap/Jazz Levels 1 & 2 (6-7 year olds)

These classes are designed to teach our dancers the skills in each genre necessary to advance to our Upper Level ballet, tap, and jazz (combo) classes.

Students must be evaluated for placement in Level 2 classes.

Musical Theater (6-18 year olds)

Classes include creative acting skills, voice lessons, and choreography designed to learn the techniques for Broadway and musical theater production. Students will learn through developmental processes how to use a theater for productions, and enjoy the experience and excitement of creating a performance.

Beginner Tap

This is an introduction to tap, focusing on the fundamental foot work and techniques of tap dancing and rhythm.

Intermediate/Advanced Tap

Designed for students who have prior tap experience, students will learn the many different genres of tap such as Rhythm Tap and Broadway. Tap technique will focus on building coordination, developing faster and more intricate movements, as well as working on increasingly more challenging combinations and footwork.

Homeschool Dance

This class is for students ages 6 and up and is designed for the homeschool student who is interested in discovering the exciting world of dance.  All dance genres will be explored over the course of the year as students discover the fascinating facets of each style of dance.  Beginning with the foundation of all movement styles, Ballet, students will learn the basic techniques and skills of each genre, unearthing the exciting and unique elements of each dance style.

Beginner/Intermediate Leaps & Turns

A specialty class designed to introduce and teach proper technique for turns and leaps.  An essential class for any dancer interested in a fun way to get moving and developing a strong foundation in dance.

Drill Team Prep with Leaps and Turns

In this class dancers will be given the fundamentals they need to prepare for High School Drill Team auditions. The class will consist of leaps, turns, and high kick technique as well as dance combinations.

Jazz/Contemporary/Lyrical combo class

These classes are designed to offer our dancers diversity by teaching a variety of different styles. Each week the class will learn a different style of dance; changing up the styles helps to keep the dancers intrigued with an open mind to all that dance has to offer. These classes are a must for any dancer seeking a unique and exciting introduction to the current dance trends.

•    Beginner:  For the new dancer or the dancer new to these styles of dance
•    Low Intermediate - Intermediate: At least one year of dance experience and familiarity with dance terminology required.
•    Intermediate - High Intermediate: 2-3 years of dance experience, familiarity with dance terminology as well as leap/turn technique required.  Evaluation and placement by teacher required.
•    Advanced: 4+ years of dance experience required - the goal in this advanced class is to push the students to new limits, encourage them out of their comfort zones, and inspire them to think outside the box and be themselves.  Evaluation and placement by teacher required.

Hip Hop

Beginner and intermediate hip hop classes utilize the latest styles of street-dancing, popping, locking, and basic break dancing. Class begins with a high-energy, stamina-building warm-up with lower and upper body conditioning, followed by learning and executing different choreography and hip-hop styles. Students will learn to incorporate their own unique styles and skills to bring the combinations and choreography to life.


This class will incorporate many of the foundations of modern dance technique, including suspension and release, fall and recovery, the use of momentum and connecting breath with movement. Dancers explore new ways of moving in combinations, progressions, floor work, and improvisation methods. Various modern dance styles will be studied with emphasis on current cultural trends.


Dancers must be evaluated for placement in these classes. The dancer will work on developing strong pointe technique under the watchful guidance of our dedicated and knowledgeable ballet instructors. Throughout the year, dancers will learn repertoire from famous classical ballet choreographers such as Marius Petipa, August Bournonville, George Balanchine and others. An emphasis on technique and performance quality is refined in the dancer over the course of the year, as dancers are encouraged to shine while they work towards the goal of any young artist: performance that moves an audience.

Level 1 Ballet

These classes are designed to begin the formal training and discipline required to master the graceful yet robust art of ballet. Students will focus on the technique of barre and center work, the correct positions of the body, memorizing terminology and understanding proper ballet etiquette. They will also learn musicality and how to execute several basic ballet traveling steps. Ideally, students should begin these classes at the age of 7. However, Level 1 Ballet is open to ages 7-12 and no prior ballet experience is necessary. Expect to spend one to two years in this level.

Level 2 Ballet

Dancers must be evaluated for placement in this level. These classes are for students who have had at least 1-2 years of training. The emphasis of these classes is to build upon a student’s basic ballet skills and prepare them for more advanced training in years to come, including pointe work. The typical age range for this level is 8-13 years old. Students should expect to spend 2-4 years in this level.

Level 3-4 Ballet

Dancers must be evaluated for placement in this level. These classes are for students who have had at least 3-4 years of training. Students at this level will be challenged to continue to excel in their training, improving strength, balance, flexibility, grace, and determination as a dancer. Barre, center and across the floor work will be increasingly complex in technique and choreography / combinations, and it is highly encouraged that dancers at this level take at least 2 ballet classes a week. Many dancers at this level are ready for pointe training, but this is by invitation only and students must be evaluated for readiness.  The typical age range for this level is 10-16 years old. Students should expect to spend 2-4 years in this level.

Level 5-6 Ballet

Dancers must be evaluated for placement in this level. These classes are for students who have had at least 4-5 years of formal ballet training and are on pointe. Ballet students at this level should be taking at least 2 ballet classes a week. Classes are rigorous and designed for the dancer who is seeking intense training. All classes include pointe training, so dancers must have one to two years of pointe experience.  Barre work, center and across the floor combinations are designed to challenge the mind and body of the dancer, developing strength, agility, grace, as well as quickness of mind and foot. The typical age range for this level is 13 - adult.

Pointe Classes

Dancers must be evaluated for placement in these classes and is by invitation only by the student's ballet teacher. In Pointe, dancers will begin their training in pointe shoes. These are the shoes a ballerina uses to stand on her tip toes.
The progression is as follows: 

  • Pre-Pointe -  the dancer begins her training with specific strengthening exercises for the foot, ankle and hips, as well as preparatory pointe technique work, so she will be strong and stable when she is ready for pointe shoes. This class is taken in soft ballet shoes.
  • Beginning Pointe - the dancer has been evaluated and found ready for pointe shoes. In this class, pointe work begins, including extensive barre work to strengthen the foot, ankle, and hip for safe and precise pointe work later on. Beginning center work is introduced with emphasis on stability, balance, strength, and correct hip and shoulder placement / alignment. Strength and proper technique is reiterated for the dancer's safety every step of the way.
  • Intermediate Pointe - in this class, the dancer is ready for more advanced pointe work, to include center and across the floor work, including basic combinations, turns and jumps. 
  • Advanced Pointe is taught in level 5-6 ballet classes.

Dance Class Schedule

For your convenience our class schedule is broken down by age. We also offer online registration. To register for a Dance class listed below, please click on the Register link to the left of the class. (Be sure you are familiar with the various Membership Levels by viewing our Membership page.): 


2017-2018 School Year Schedule
Starts August 26th

Primary Age Dance Classes
2 - 5 Yrs Old

Classes with an * mean students must be evaluated to Register for this class.

For Shooting Stars Classes, PreSchool Membership Includes Three 30 minute classes.

For Rising Stars Classes, PreSchool Membership Includes Three 30 minute classes.
For Tiny Tot Classes, PreSchool Membership Includes Two 45 minute classes.

Upper School Dance Classes
6-18 Yrs Old

Super Stars Classes

For Super Stars Classes, School Age Membership Includes Two 45 minute classes.

Ballet Classes

Hip Hop Classes

Contemporary, Jazz/Lyrical, Tap, Modern, & Conditioning Classes

Theater Arts Classes